Conscious Chaos

Johan Schreuder aka Conscious Chaos.

This style of hard psychedelic trance is not for the armchair enthusiast but to be enjoyed in the great outdoors. Hearing this blasting through a giant rig at the 2014 Circle of Dreams Vortex caused us to jump, bounce and stomp until the last note was played. A few of the tracks are collaborations with Frozen Ghost, Disco Volante and Shift. The vox used are so clever you could paint with it and the beats s hypnotic you could march to hell and back. The energy flowing from one tune to the next is begging to be released and will lift you to another level. If this is the start I cannot wait for the next chapter!!! This was the stand out Set for us at 2014 Vortex. This man has talent and it shows

Ricardo Neves, BPM Mag

Johan is the owner of RED REVENGE STUDIOS based in Cape Town, South Africa. He is one of only 2 accredited Steinberg Cubase teachers on the African continent and they offer exclusive streamlined Cubase Music Production Courses using the Brand new Cubase Pro 8 DAW system.

Johan was also appointed to film and produce the much anticipated Documentary about Vortex – 20 years of Trance.

After he finished school in 1996, he made a move to Israel where he started mixing it up a few times at the BOOGIE ROOM on the KFAR BLOOM KIBBUTZ in upper GALILEA. By the end of 1997 he moved to London where he was introduced to turntables by the legendary Tall Paul at the TURNMILLS nightclub, also known as TRADE and THE GALLERY (London).

He has also made a huge following at one of South Africa’s longest running and most successful trance organizations, Vortex. He has become a regular performer at Vortex events, giving the crowd a taste of his explicit beats. Also, due to he’s great ability to get the crowd rocking, he always manages to land prime time slots everywhere he plays.


He’s first Psytrance Album DIVINE JUSTICE  released 1st July 2010. Encompasses all the years of hard work, dedication and love for music that Johan has gained during his life.

2015 will see the much anticipated second album from Conscious Chaos and many fantastic live performances across the globe.

New album.

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