Neil Bezuidenhout

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Neil Bezuidenhout (born 26 April 1983) is a South African born guitarist, songwriter and one of the founding members of

South African Metal band Moment of Clarity, as well as being the former lead guitarist for The Hollow, GILT and

Product of a New World.

Neil Bezuidenhout started playing guitar as a young teenager.

At the age of 16 entered his first battle of the bands with his high school band, The Hollow, at which he walked away

with the “Best lead guitarist award”.

After school he studied Sound Engineering and joined up with the band GILT. They were on the SA scene for roughly 2

years and at this point had put another two ‘Best lead guitarist awards under his belt.

After leaving GILT, He started up the band Product of a New World, which was primarily a Metallica cover band.

Neil has sessioned for Scarlett Host and done two live shows with the mighty Mind Assault.

Neil Bezuidenhout is currently Lead guitarist and co-songwriter for Moment of Clarity.

Neil has been a member of Moment of Clarity since 2007 and is currently busy tracking their full length album.