Company Overview.

Since 2004 the Red Revenge team has been working to inspire its clients, audiences and associates by creating world-class audio-visual productions that not only exceed expectations, but set new benchmarks for positive impact and change both in society and in the industry.

We offer the highest quality production skills when it comes to Digital Video Editing, Post Production, Recording and After Effects. Our Studio is equipped with state of the art imported equipment to ensure we get the highest quality in Production, Recording and editing results which we always strive for.

Mission Statement.

To become the leading visual content developer on the African continent and beyond and to offer an End to End solution to Corporate and Advertising agencies.

Everything is in-house, nothing outsourced.

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Studio in action.

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New Offerings & Projects envisaged for 2014-2015.

  • Complete Film Production
  • Contractual Camera Crew
  • Contractual Sound Crew
  • Equipment hire such as Camera’s, Sliders, Stands and Dollies
  • Fully equipped Green Screen Filming and Photography Studio
  • Complete Corporate Training Videos
  • Video Production company specialising in the fields of marketing, entertainment and education.
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Current Clients.